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The Opportunity Wave of the Century!

After more than 30 years of research, studying Native American Ancient and Sacred Healing Methods, an outstanding new technology emerged. A new process was discovered that energizes and regenerates the body through the infusion of high frequency sound waves. These inaudible sound waves produce a special signal, a tone that helps trillions of cells within the human body to come into harmony. This harmonious tone seems to have a miraculous effect upon organizing all human, plant and animal DNA.

There is a special vibrational frequency within the Om Technology that has the power to interrupt a cascade of destructive events within the body, events that could normally lead to many degenerative diseases. Om Technology is designed to carry this harmonious vibrational frequency to any area of disorder within the body. The ultimate purpose of this technology is to create balance and homeostasis by dislodging aberrations, congestion and blocked energy flows.

Om is a totally new paradigm, technology on the quantum physics level that is so advanced and so powerful, it is years ahead of other health products on the market today. The life changing benefits of Om are astonishing. The improvements in health range from good to great, to mind boggling!

Om goes to work in your body to instantly create balance!  Sound travels at the speed of 1,126 feet per second. The body instantly picks up the signal of the sound waves. The same is true for Om, which begins to work in your body instantly, faster than you can think about it! The harmonic vibrational frequency within Om goes to work immediately, to the root of a health challenge, to create harmony and balance so the body can heal itself.

GlobalSmart Products is proud to make these life enhancing energy products available to you!


In our world today, we are exposed to various unnatural energies and frequencies, including the following:

Cellular Telephone Frequencies   
Television Broadcasts
Radio Waves

These unnatural energies that are man-made can interrupt and disrupt, or lower, our normal energy field. We believe these unnatural energies can have an adverse effect and cause physical discomfort and disease, and even mental disorders, in our physical body. GlobalSmart Products -   Om Powder and Om Gel greatly reduce EMF frequencies and protect you from the harmful exposure of these and other man-made artificial energies.  When your body is kept at an increased and balanced energy level, you can reduce the probability of disease, and reach the goal that prevention is the best medical treatment.

Om is FOR REAL !!!!!

CONFESSION..... Kathy, my wife, was MORE than skeptical of the product.  NOT so much of the testimonies we were hearing but, WOULD ?? the product work on her????  We received  our small sample of Om Gel late Friday afternoon.

Here is Kathy's Experience With This Fabulous Product

Kathy has aching joints and mussels.  Her shoulders and neck are in discomfort ALL the time.  We rubbed a "dab" of Om Gel in those areas.  We were being very stingy, since we only had a small sample.  To Kathy's surprise her shoulders and neck had RELIEF within a minute, she looked at me with an "Unbelievable Smile"..!!...*

She also has has had a rash on the top of her arm below the elbow.  It itches, hurts, and is about 2 inches long 1 inches wide.  Not knowing what would happen, she placed a dab of Gel on that area.  NEVER to itch again thus far, and the rash has almost disappeared... another "Unbelievable Smile" from Kathy

Kathy also has allergies that leaves her nose and throat raw.  Friday night she  dabbed Om in her nostrils with a Q-Tip with "Amazing Results".  She is now rubbing Om on her sinuses beside her nose, and under her eyes, everything is back to "NORMAL"

Saturday night before bed, she had a headache which occurs probably 2 or 3 times a week.  She dabbed her forehead and temples with Om... and instantly the headache disappeared.  The EXACT same thing happened  again on Sunday.... again, with Positive Results.

What an exhilarating weekend!!!

Thanks For This Wonderful Product,
Gerald Correll


YOU Have NEVER Experienced ANYTHING Like Om!

Om will fire the imagination of the user. The feeling of well being, the youthful vitality and the possibilities for health are endless. The most brilliant minds of the past have predicted that sound waves would be the Advanced Wellness System of the Future.

The Future Is NOW! 

The Future Is Om!!!!


Om Gel 3oz

  • Use topical gel on skin only.
    Note: Do not put directly in eyes or mouth. Topical gel is not to be ingested.
  • Om Gel can be used alone or in conjunction with any energy devices on all bodily areas such as hands, neck, forehead, temples, back, shoulders, calves, legs, feet and body, etc.

Om Lotion  3oz

  • Om Lotion has similar benefits as our Om Gel, except that Aloe Vera was added.
  • This product is Great for massage, and because of the Aloe, it can penetrate the water-retaining layer of skin allowing the energy benefits to go deep into the muscle tissue for that aching muscle relief.
  • Use topical gel on skin only.
    Note: Do not put directly in eyes or mouth. Topical lotion is not to be ingested.
  • Om Lotion can be used alone or in conjunction with any energy devices on all bodily areas such as hands, neck, forehead, temples, back, shoulders, calves, legs, feet and body, etc.

Om Powder  4oz

  • Mix 1-3 tsp powder in your favorite beverage (tea, coffee or water).
  • Mix with warm water and lemon juice for internal cleansing:
  • Mix 1-3 tsp with warm water in a spray bottle for use after shower or bath
  • Add 3 tbsp to your bath water or 2 tbsp to your foot soak
  • Mix with water for facial mask
  • Keep some powder in a separate container in the bathroom to use for brushing teeth. Dip dry toothbrush in powder and brush teeth.
  • Sprinkle 1 tsp powder under shoe insoles or in socks
  • Rub some powder into pillow or mattress twice a year.
  • Pets: This product works the same for animals as it does for humans. Just sprinkle a little powder in their water or food. Make it part of their daily routine.

Om Silver Solutin  8oz

This Product Is In a Class Of It's Own. 

This is the “Next Generation Colloidal Silver”. GlobalSmart Products in conjunction with Native Clay Products is pleased to announce.... Om Silver Solution... a unique product...only available through GlobalSmart Products... 20ppm and Infused with the Unique Om Sound.

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