Carla Hoots

Director of Accounting

We at GlobalSmart Products are so pleased to have Carla Hoots as our Director of Accounting. Carla brings with her a wealth of accounting experience, along with a firm understanding of the Marketing Industry, gained from many years in the industry.

Carla has spent time working at a Big Ten Accounting firm. Her experience also includes time as a VATR for IBM mini-mainframe systems in the incredibly competitive petroleum industry.

Another asset Carla brings to GlobalSmart is her understanding of hardware and software installations that she gained while participating in upgrades for a major Company that designs software for the automotive paint industry. During her time there, Carla also successfully handled the accounting responsibilities.

Carla's strong understanding of the Marketing industry comes from her very successful Mary Kay business. Here, she is a Sales Director, with 150 team members.

Carla works incredibly hard for GlobalSmart Products to ensure that our vendors are paid in a timely manner and that our accounts receivable department is current as well. She has been instrumental in the change into our new Software system, and continues to strive to develop additional features and functions that will provide state-of-the-art benefits to all of our Distributors.


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