How To Get Started


STEP 1: GET IN! (Choose Your Sign Up Package)

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  Two (2) Product Package - Your Choice of any [2] Product
    50PBV   $ 75.00
  Executive 5 Package - Your Choice of any [5] Products
    50PBV   $219.00
  Executive 12 Package - Your Choice of any [12] Products or build one of our Suggested Theme Packages
    50PBV   $319.00

All Sign Up Packages come with a FREE assortment of marketing literature, a Company Replicated Website, featuring your UserName, access to Company conference calls for information, updates and training, and The GlobalStar e-News.

Resources and Downloads of many valuable tools to help you be successful. The Executive and Executive PLUS Packages also include an assortment of CDs and DVDs. (Sign Up Package Prices Above Do Not Include Shipping).

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Select one of our Executive Fast Start Packages and select the products you would like to start your business with.  Please review our Compensation page, section 6, for all the benefits that our Executive program offers.

From the Executive Packages you can build your own package to suit your individual needs.  Select any 12 of available products or build one of the 8 Suggested Theme Packages. Just Click on the Suggested Packages link for a printable PDF file for the 8 Theme Packages we suggest. 

STEP 2: GET ON and choose your Monthly Auto Ship Package!

    50BV   $75.96      

  100BV  $150.92  
 6   Products   150BV

  150BV  $329.70  

  (Prices Do Not Include Shipping) 

STEP 3: GET 3 New Executives and Share the Products and Opportunity!

Remember, the journey of a 1,000 miles begins with the first step. Are you ready to take the first step into your future?

We believe you can make this business work for you and your family!! You will never know how great and successful you can be unless you try.

Every year thousands of Millionaires are made in the Network Marketing Industry! Will YOU be the NEXT Network Marketing Millionaire?



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